We're creating the most energy-efficient programmable processor.

Run your devices for years, not weeks

Our processors are 100x more efficient than state-of-the-art low-power CPUs. A single AA battery can power our processors for up to a decade.

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Frictionless developer experience

Our toolchain seamlessly drops into your build process to maximize the energy efficiency of your solutions, with great defaults.

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Bring your favorite tools

Our processors are programmable via your favorite embedded programming languages and AI/ML frameworks, so you can keep using the tools you know.

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Efficiency matters.

The AI revolution requires pervasive, perpetually-deployed intelligence at enormous scale.

Data is essential.
Applications create value from data across a wide range of use cases.
Data should be accessible.
Deploying IoT devices at the extreme edge moves your most valuable data within reach.
Maximize your deployment
Utilizing Efficient intelligence at the extreme edge maximizes your device's flexibility, battery lifetime, and scale.

Pervasive intelligence is now possible

Until today, there have been multiple barriers to large-scale deployments of pervasive intelligence. Efficient's intelligence makes these issues a thing of the past:

Batteries required

Unavailability & high install costs in large-scale deployments prevent using wired power. However, traditional battery deployments require changing batteries within weeks.

Efficient's processors run for multiple years on battery power without requiring human intervention.

Communication kills

Transmitting all your raw data from the edge quickly drains device batteries. The energy consumed in the radio limits your device lifetimes.

Efficient's processors allow you to pre-process and compress your data before sending, without sacrificing energy efficiency.

Intelligence needed everywhere

Local computation on-device is much more efficient than sending raw data over the radio, but existing processors make local computation too inefficient.

Efficient's processors allow you to do general-purpose computing while staying 100x more efficient than comparable processors.

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