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Efficient's technology provides class-defining energy efficiency, while remaining fully programmable. Our patented reconfigurable dataflow processor architecture provides orders of magnitude improvement in energy consumption compared to existing CPUs and MCUs, while avoiding the inflexibility of non-programmable specialized hardware.

  • 100x more efficient than MCUs
  • 1000x lower power than GPUs
  • Software programmable, as opposed to FPGAs or ASICs

Architecture advantage

Efficient’s energy efficiency stems from its novel energy-minimal reconfigurable dataflow architecture.

Reconfigurable hardware

Our chips are reconfigurable at compile time for minimum energy use, while our dataflow execution model ensures high-performance spatial parallelism.

Powerful software

Our versatile optimizing dataflow compiler drops into your project and optimally maps your programs to Efficient's computing fabric.

Combined architectural advantage

Our software & hardware together creates an unparalleled advantage. No more relying on exotic materials, complex build steps, or custom chips.

Bring your own code

All major embedded languages are supported. You can build rich intelligence applications that integrate AI/ML, signal processing, data analytics, and other general-purpose data processing computations.

Solve a wide range of problems

Our extreme efficiency saves energy across many domains, including ML-enabled extreme-edge machine vision, continuous audio intelligence, and versatile sensory & signals intelligence.

Developer tooling

We provide useful tooling for correctness & efficiency debugging, as well as power & performance estimation.

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Foundational research

Efficient's technology is based on foundational work by top research scientists at some of the world's best universities.