Join our mission to build the most energy-efficient computers in the world.

Our benefits

Efficient offers a competitive compensation and benefits package. We are committed to personal and professional development and strive to grow together as people and as a company.

Competitive compensation.
We provide base salaries and generous startup equity that is competitive with peer companies in the semiconductor industry.
Top-shelf health care benefits.
We provide excellent, broad health care plans, with paid benefits for employees and partially covered benefits for dependents.
401k matching.
We provide a generous employer match to help you save for your retirement.
Family-friendly parental leave policy.
We provide 12 weeks of paid parental leave.
Equipment allowance.
Choose-your-own-adventure equipment allowance to customize your setup.
Unlimited PTO.
Take time when you need time.
Hybrid workplace.
Flexible work locations, WFH, & partially-remote work with regular in-person & team interactions, including on-sites, retreats, and off-sites.

Our values

Our core values define who we are as people, as a team and as a company and they are prevalent throughout our meetings, interactions, and culture.

We're a united team driven by inspiration, trust, and respect. Leading by example, we foster a productive environment valuing each other, with empathy and celebration of wins. Success comes from diverse perspectives, civic engagement, and adaptability. We embrace change while embodying the concept of "hang on tightly and let go lightly."
We're accountable and true to ourselves and teammates. Our culture promotes strong ethical standards and enables all employees to be authentic at work. We communicate reliably, transparently, and honestly, fostering trust and collaboration. We seek feedback for continuous growth.
We value lifelong learning, personally and professionally. We embrace flexibility to take risks, explore, and enjoy work, nurturing creativity. Openness to change, challenges, and opportunities drives our success. With courage and curiosity, we take chances and learn from mistakes to improve.
We uphold rigorous standards and collaborate seamlessly for work excellence, emphasizing that it's distinct from perfectionism. Our drive for efficiency pushes us to find effective solutions, consistently surpassing set goals. This unwavering focus and prioritization not only enhances productivity but also contribute to our ongoing growth and success.
Every Efficient employee matters and finds purpose in building the business. We strive to influence and solve real-world problems with meaningful contributions. Proactively addressing challenges and seeking opportunities, we drive desired change by challenging the status quo and exploring innovative ideas.
We're passionate and persistent, driven by grit towards excellence. We're resolute in winning, even when facing obstacles. We welcome challenges, proactively seeking solutions, while taking pride in our high-quality work. We're resilient, learning from errors, relying on self-reliance, always determined to succeed. We follow through and take ownership of our actions.

Open roles

We have offices in Pittsburgh, the SF Bay Area, and NYC, but also support hybrid-flexible locations.